How is your seo working for you

Optimizing our website so that Search Engines will find you and present your site on top of the search range to your target audience is not a complicated, but a complex endeavor. It's not surprising that SEO is the most sought after topic when it comes to websites.

Think about it - what good will your web site do if it is not found when your audience searches for your products and services? And the larger your competitor range is, the more complex it gets (good ranking for "hydraulic custom specialty pumps" are definitely easier to achieve then for "art work"). There are a few key steps that are important and we wanted to share a few of them today with you

1. Check your competition

Do you know your main three competitors? A competitor analysis is a great way to see how your competition ranks, what they do correct (or not) in regards to SEO. And how large is your competition? If your competition is small because you offer specialty products, your SEO efforts will be definitely easier. If your competition is large, you probably need to step up your SEO

2. Check your stats

Check your web sites statistics regularly. Knowing your stats means knowing how to maintain your website the right way.

3. Think about Google adwords

A PPC campaign is a great way to increase your exposure. We have seldom seen a website improving on SEO ranking without at least using some combinations of Adwords efforts. You always have full power over your campaigns and can tweak it according to your needs. Google also assists you with your campaign, a great way to learn about your SEO effort and to understand better what's important.

4. Why are email campaigns good for my SEO ranking?

Email campaigns are one of the most powerful marketing tools when it comes to user engagement. Regular newsletters provide a very high exposure rate and promotes communication with our clients. Make sure to add a button to your website inviting your audience to signup for your newsletter. The more clicks from your campaign to your website and the longer your audience stays on your site, the better your ranking!

5. Why does social media increase my ranking?

Social media is an important tool for your website. However, it does not replace a website. Many people think a social media presence alone is enough but that's not the case. Social media (like other advertising such as email campaigns) are merely a marketing vehicle to promote our website. Make sure you always link to your website from your social media posts, Search Engines rank incoming clicks from social media leading to your site very high - beneficial for you

6. Create a print marketing piece

An advertising postcard or flyer with a clear indication of your website link is a great way to draw attention to your website and will increase your SEO ranking. Remember, the more user will visit your page, the better your ranking will be over time.

One last word ... ethic SEO is a slow, but steady process. Building trust with your audience takes time and will not happen overnight. Don't believe anyone who promises you to "rank you on position 1 in two weeks". The only thing you spend it money - in vain. As always, please let us know if you have any concern. We will be happy to assist you with your efforts to make your website more visible.